Fully automatic winder

No consumable required

Neat winding

Compact footprint

In line with extruder or unwinder

Low operational cost

Winding Speed

Up to 200 m/min

Spool Diameter

200 mm

Filament Diameter

1.75 & 2.85 mm

QC System



The fully automatic doffing system represents a breakthrough in manufacturing efficiency.
Its ability to achieve perfect parallel winding is key to ensuring high-quality production.
Additionally, the empty/full spools buffer provides intelligent resource management, ensuring uninterrupted production.
Being directly installed after the extruder or unwinder makes this system highly convenient in terms of layout and space management. Its compact footprint allows for optimal space utilization, enhancing overall plant efficiency.

FEELO® Production line


Up to 100 spools (750 gr / 1 kg) ready to feed the FEELO® PRIMA Winder.
This leads to higher output per production hours, higher line speed and lowered operational cost.

Parameter Screen

User frendly interface for simple opeartor calibrations as well as low-level and complex technical configuration.

FEELO® + Buffer Spool Quality Control

Automatic spool quality control process with detection/removal of faulty ones.

Packaging Line

It is possible to complete the line with equipment such as custom reel labeling, custom reel engraving, film wrapping, or robotic arms that automatically and precisely arrange reels onto pallets ready to be shipped to the customer.

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